Friday, September 25, 2009

Quilts and Cats

I just finished binding my Hawaiian Trumpet flower quilt. Almost had it sold, but then it fell through. Maybe I'll sell it, maybe I'll just keep it. I'll see what my husband thinks when he sees it on the bed.

This is my fall quilt that I have on my bed now. Several years ago on a trip to Walmart, I asked my husband if he could pick out 3 yards of fabric that he really liked and I'd make a quilt from it. He picked the leafy fabric and this is what resulted. I've been using it every fall since then.

I made this cat over the last couple of days. I'm not real happy with her, as it show in her face. She does look rather sad. Her ears are glued to her head which is glued to her body which is glued to her feet. I don't know that she'll stand a lot of kid wear. I don't think I'll use that pattern on one again.


  1. We all feel like this some days, I think it,s lovely--cottonreel
    Love the H quilt

  2. I think the sad little kitty is very sweet!. Someone will want to take him and love him-probably an adult!


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