Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Tablerunner and a cute Daisy

This is another Fall tablerunner completed
And a close up of the quilting. I am starting to get a little more free with trying more thread work. I want to keep doing more.
This is a cutie named Daisy Joy who is trying out my sweater. Her mother used to babysit my children. Now my girls babysit hers.


  1. Love the table runner and the quilting! Being confident is more than half the trick with free motion quilting.

    She is a darling! Love the sweater set on dear.

  2. This runner is cute and I love the quilting.

  3. Love the quilting on your tablerunner and the sweater and cap are so darling! And the model is so cute too.

  4. Cute little girl, sounds like the baby sitting has come full circle , but I ,d say it will go round a bit further
    sewing pins , knitting pins, where will it be next? crotchet !!--cottonreel


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