Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A new quilt beginning

I bought fabric this morning to make a wedding quilt for my niece. This is the picture of the pattern that she liked, that I am planning to do.These are the fabrics that I had and some that I bought. I don't know which one to use for the wide border. I have enough of the Hawaiian and also the blue with the black swirls at the bottom of this picture. I like the Hawaiian myself because it has a nice large pattern for the border. Let me know Bev, what you think.

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  1. I suppose the Hawaiian one would be more meaningful if we gave them a Hawaiian honeymoon! She has never shown much interest in Hawaiian prints so I don't really know. But they do have an Asian feel and she seems to like that. She just finished making sushi earrings. Go to facebook and i think you can see them through my comment.

    It is hard to get a good picture, but the dark fabric looks really nice too.

    Since she will not see your choices probably any would do.


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