Friday, May 29, 2009

I thought I'd get a picture of our house with the beautiful flowers out front. The weather is so enjoyable right now we have to spend all our time outside. You see there a glimpse of my daughter Veronica sewing a dress for a customer.Veronica was dying some crocheted lace yesterday and it looked so easy, so I decided to try some myself. I got some muslim and wrapped it around a wine bottle and tied it with some yarn. I make sure it was not smooth, but bunched up. Then I poured blue dye on part of it and pink on the other and let them flow into each other. Very simple and fun.
Next I scavenged into a can the run off from the blue and pink. I twisted some fabric into a very thick knot, and covered it with the dark purplish from the scavenged dye. I opened it up to let it dry, then tied it into another knot with different folds and put pink dye in it. This is the result.

It was much simpler than I had ever imagined, so I may try again when I have a specific project in mind. It would be great for applique flower petals I think, or such like.


  1. Your place looks great!! What are all the orange flowers? I can't remember. Hopefully our place will look better next year. Our plantings are small and some got badly hurt by the frost. And I found out I am allergic to marigolds-had an asthma attack. Not fun at all. but at least I have an inhaler. So I am staying away from them and chrysanthemums too. They have bothered me in the past.

    I have made three tote bags and will post them soon on facebook. Now I am making another jungle baby quilt for a girl at work. I love that Laurel Burch fabric.

  2. The flowers are something like Helianthemum. They bloom for a while in the spring. I planted petunias so when they stop we'll have other color.


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