Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Baby Hats

I've been knitting up hats like crazy lately.  I knit for my older grandchildren earlier.  You can see those hats on this post.   Now I've knit for the baby grandchildren.  All of these hats are on my Ravelry page.  

Asher is wearing the first hat I made.  Of course, it was almost too small for him when it was done.  His other grandma made the pom -pom as I am not good at those.

Then I started on the girls.  I bought some furry pom-poms for their hats.

Now two of my baby granddaughters share a cousin, so I made a hat for her also, just a different color.  This is one of my favorite patterns.

I got so into making hats and I won a contest for a free pattern called Lottie's bonnet, that I decided to make newborn hats for babies that were just born in our community.
These hats fit pretty snugly.

And this baby got a hat to come home from the hospital in.

Now I'm knitting up hats for future babies.  I want them to come home from the hospital in my hats.


  1. What a wonderful cause! The hats are lovely. I once knitted a hat but retired early from that.

  2. Cute babies and cute hats. I especially like the lavender and pink ones.


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