Monday, January 2, 2017

New Hawaiian Quilt

A new year starts and I start a new quilt also.  It will be a king size Hawaiian quilt.  My husband wanted a new quilt for our bed and he likes hawaiian ones.
I took a roll of newsprint that I taped together for a pattern.  For Hawaiian quilts, all you need is one eighth of the quilt.  I cut it out.

Because I couldn't get the fabric I liked wide enough, I bought 9 yards and cut it into 3 sections and sewed it together.  I will do the same for the backing also.  I will have enough leftover to have binding from it for the edges.
Here it is pinned on the folded fabric.  When I cut, I'm cutting through 8 layers.  It takes sharp scissors and I did get some blisters. 

This gives you an idea how the fabrics look together.  I love batiks and I didn't want too much contrast.  Maybe a calmer look.

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  1. That looks very restful. Lots of stitching time in your future!


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