Monday, September 19, 2016

Natalie's Quilt

Yes, another baby quilt gets going.  After all, I have all these new grandbabies.  This is for Natalie, the youngest of  them.  It is pinwheels with applique on the top of it. I am copying a quilt I saw on pinterest.  It is one I could buy the instructions in a book, but I think I can figure it out.  Most of the quilts in that book didn't interest me.
Today you get to see a taste of it. 
Lots of pinwheels.  38 in all if I counted correctly.  I am doing them the method where I cut 2 squares and sew around the outside edge of the squares.  Then I cut them diagonally and I get 4 half square triangles I sew together for the pinwheels.

I'm also doing a different type of pinwheel in parts of the quilt.  This is one fourth of that one.

I love all these pinwheels.  You'll have to come back to see the top put together.

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