Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Couple of New Knits

I just keep knitting for the babies. 
This was a simple little sweater and hat that I made with worsted yarn I had laying around.

I decided to do the stripe pattern from another pic I saw.  It gave me ideas anyways.
I really like the pattern on the sleeves.

and for the hat.

This is a jumpsuit/romper? or what do you call it?  I love thiese things.  I only hope my grandchildren do.

 I did this color so that it could go for a girl or a boy, but in looking at the sweater I think it's a bit feminine, so it will go to a granddaughter.

Even the cuff of the pants are intricate with the cable.

Ravelry link  Ohh...Oh.
  I see  I didn't make a ravelry page for this one, but I put on the link of the other one I knitted that is the same pattern and the same yarn, except for color.


  1. Adorable! What a sweet set. I am sure it would look equally cute on a boy or girl.

  2. Well...I just bought that pattern! I have some cashmerino in stash that will be perfect! Wonder if I can get it done in the smallest size ready for me newborn next month...


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