Friday, September 23, 2016

Dan and Victoria's Wedding

In July, I had a daughter get married.  
This was the first wedding of my children I participated in that wasn't a son of mine. 
It was almost easier than doing a son's wedding.


Victoria is a seamstress and gives sewing lessons to young girls.  Her students made dresses for the wedding and they were the first to walk down the aisle at the wedding.  All 26 of them.

The one thing I did for the wedding (and that was the only thing I did) was make the flower girl dresses for my granddaughters and other friends.  They were a design of my daughter's.

We were there to give glory to the Lord for the marvelous things He has done.

It was a great party.


  1. How did an awesome job, and must be very proud of them! x Ali

  2. What a beautiful couple and wonderful day. May they continue to be blessed.

  3. Congrats to all of you! That looks like a wonderful wedding. All the dresses are lovely :)


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