Monday, February 22, 2016

T-Shirt Quilt Beginnings

I have a customer that asked me to do a quilt for her daughter out of her daughter's baseball jerseys, jackets and T's.  Here is the beginning layout of it.  I think things will get moved around yet.

We looked at my pinterest board of T-shirt quilts and she liked the ones with the shadow effect the best.   The first squares I put together were the ones that would be least likely to show up well against her sashing and border colors.

She liked them.  So I will keep going forwards with this quilt.


  1. I like to make t-shirt quilts that actually look like quilts.

  2. This will look so good with the shadow color you are using. Good luck with this project; it's going to be so loved! Thanks for sharing on MCM - have a great sewing week! :)

  3. Great start on the quilt. T shirt quilts are actually pretty challenging. Or, perhaps it is just the design is challenging. Once that is done it is pretty much straight sewing. It looks like you are off to a great start.


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