Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My New Baby Girl Knitted Layette

For these upcoming grandbabies I first knitted a boy layette.  Now I did a girl one.  2 of these babies are coming in the beginning of summer, so I knitted this layette for a 6 month old baby since it is long pants and I want the baby to wear it. 

I used Baby Merino by Drops.  They have the nicest baby colors..  

The pattern is by OGE.  They have some very cute baby patterns.  

 I love the cables detail.

The booties are a pattern by Hadley Fierlinger.  I changed the cable on them to match the cable on the romper and sweater.  I also added some rows as I was using fingering yarn and so my gauge was different.

The hat is a pattern I made up.  I had to work it twice to get it right.  I wanted to use the cable on the edge so I knitted the cable first and then picked up stitches to knit the rest of the hat.

Some maybe there will be a girl coming soon that can enjoy this outfit.


  1. how lovely!!! the pattern, yarn, colours!!! a baby girl will look darling in these!

  2. Sweet! Beautiful colors and the cables look wonderful!

  3. New grandbabies!! So exciting! The romper is precious!


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