Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Knitted Boy Layette

I am going to have two new grandbabies in the next few months and right now I'm having fun with it.  I am going to knit a lot of newborn items and be ready for boys and girls.  We'll have to see what I have.
My first project is a baby boy layette.  When my older children were babies I bought a Pingouin knitting book and that's when I started knitting.  It didn't last long and I didn't get too much done because I was busy raising small children and that takes a lot of time.  Now as a grandma, I find a lot more time to knit.
This outfit is from that book.
First came the romper.
I saw this striped pattern in another pattern that I had pinned and used it instead of the normal even striping.

 I knitted these with a Drops Fabel yarn.  I wasn't happy with how soft the yarn was not, so when I blocked the items, I soaked them in a little hair conditioner.  That really helped.

Then I knitted this sweater.  The back crosses over the front and makes for an easy on-off dressing time.

These are the socks with the pattern.  They seemed like they were way to large.

So I knitted these from another pattern and they seem like they will hardly fit a newborn, they are so small.

So I will give the baby both and see what happens.
The whole layette


  1. I will become a first time grandma in March, it's a girl. I love what you have knitted here. I am knitting a sweater I was planning on her wearing home from the hospital, but the newborn is quite large I am thinking. Have you found this to be true with knitting newborn items?

  2. I'm currently in the throws of baby knitting myself. And your post just made my Ravelry list a little longer :)
    Visiting from Small Things.

  3. What a special gift! The romper is precious and that sweater look like a perfect pattern for baby....and me. I wish they made "grown-up" clothes with those shoulders. :)

  4. That is a really beuatiful and thoughtful gift! :-)

  5. Those are adorable! Jeremiah will take any & all cast offs.


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