Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Birthday Gifts

I've been at it making more toys again.  These are birthday gifts for little friends.
Josh's mom asked me to make him some jellyfish as that seems to be what he likes.
Josh us a 3 yr old Seahawks fan.

 I bought this pattern.  Since then I found many free patterns that could have been had.

I teach a little kindergarten class of 4 little girls.  Norah just had a birthday and I made her this kitty.
I ran out of pink yarn, so she has short arms and gray on her skirt.

She is quite tall at about 15"

 She looks like a doll that Norah would like.
This is a free pattern.

We inherited a puppy that Eloise's daddy doesn't like having around.  He barks and breathes and wags it's tail, so we inherited it.  That little puppy needed bones so we'll just say that those are his birthday present.

These are made from felt and very easy to do.

 I think puppy likes them.


  1. Such very cute birthday presents :-) I'm sure Josh, Nora and the puppy love their presents!

  2. Your crocheted jelly fish are so cute. And the doll for Nora is adorable! What nice gifts. :^) Oh, and yes...puppy will sure love his new bones, too.

  3. Argh so many cute makes! I love the octopus design, I may have to make one for myself!

  4. Gorgeous toys, I'm sure they will all be well loved.


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