Friday, October 16, 2015

Time at the Seashore

Over the summer I did travel to some quilt shops and picked up the Row by Row Experience patterns that were being given away.  I haven't sewn any of them until now.  So this is the first.
This pattern comes from the Beach Tyme Quilt Shop in Ocean Shores, Wa.  The theme was water and this town is on the ocean, therefore beaches.
And lots of kite flying.

 I used some of the fabric that they had in their packet and also supplemented with mine from my stash. This project is all fusible applique.

There is an empty beach chair.  That person is probably huddled up in her jacket at a fire nearby.  That is my experience of the beaches of Washington.  I've never been there when it was warm enough to lay out in the sun.  

 But there is a nice jetty at Point Brown to take a walk on and watch whales.  It's also a great place for the kids to play hide and seek among the dunes.  We have had lots of fun times there.


  1. That is a cute one. I am working on my second one from either Tennessee or Georgia and my favorite is next. A lighthouse from Lake Ontario in Canada.

  2. What a fun little piece, Elaine! You found some great fabrics to use in it.


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