Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Marching Band Teddy

My daughter teaches at a school where the children are really excited to be in the band.  I've been making little animals for prizes that she gives away as rewards for excellence.  She thought it would be nice if I made some animals with instruments.  This is the only one I really found to make. So I bought the pattern and here it is.

 Making this sousaphone is giving me ideas for how to do a trumpet and maybe some other instruments.  I just have to get the sizing right for the animals.

 Here is my ravelry link which will lead you to where you can get the pattern.

Here is a picture from our school's marching band when they played at my son's wedding reception.
It was pretty fun.


  1. How cute! And I believe he is a Royals fan by his colors. Lets go Royals!!!

  2. Aw what a nice idea, and what a fun teddy!

  3. Your bear turned out splendidly! How cute!


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