Monday, November 3, 2014

Progress on My Nativity Hanging

I had this hanging to the point that I was going to put it on my longarm and try to put the black strips on that way.  Here it is in that state.
You know how it is when you can't sleep.  You start mulling over your projects and come up with ideas.  I couldn't find any 1/8" bias tape, so I was trying to think about what to do.  I came up with satin stitching on the curved pieces.  I had a tape for the straight ones. 
I got up that morning and tried the satin stitch.  I must pull at my fabric because I couldn't get the stitching close enough.  So much for my nighttime great idea.
Then I bumped into some black fusable interfacing fabric that I have.  I cut narrow strips and put it on a shepherd's shoe.  It worked perfectly. Then I got on a roll.  And now you can see how it looks so far.

 And it is so much fun to do.  I was getting excited as I saw it coming so nicely together.  So far, there has been no sewing in this project, just cutting and pressing.


  1. great colors and design!! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. I agree, the colors are perfect for the design.

  3. Oh I hear ya! Just coming off 4 sleepless nights. Your designing process when into full steam--it looks fantastic! I want to Thank You for stopping by and linking up with “Anything Goes Monday”. I so have enjoyed being a guest host and meeting so many new quilty friends. I just started following you through GFC and look forward to more of your creations. Your site is interesting--Love It!


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