Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Doll for the Prize Box

I teach my granddaughter and another little girl preschool once a week.  I keep a prize box which has mostly been dollar store items for them to choose from.  I don't make it too easy for them to get prizes, but then not too hard also.  25 buttons get a prize and there are several ways to get those buttons.
But then I got to thinking that I could put some items I make into it.  I did that last week and Izzy did pick one of those items.  So that got me inspired.
I found this pattern for this very cute little doll here.  Instructions are in Spanish (I think) but pictures are very clear and I did use google translate when I needed to.
Here's my doll.  She doesn't have a name.  I think the girl who gets her will have to name her.

 She does like music.

She is made of felt. Blanket stitch around the edges and pieces are hot glued together.
She was pretty easy to make.  Finding the right ribbon and buttons was the hardest part.

She likes the carousel also.

 Sitting in the prize box.


  1. Your little felt doll is very precious. Thank you for sharing the link. Creative Doll Bliss...

  2. Oh dear! You'll need two I bet. Isabella will be wanting one for sure. She can't get enough dolls.


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