Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Two New Children's Aprons.

Eloise needed a new apron for cooking at our house.  She was getting too big for the one I had and it became Juliet's turn to use it.  Clara actually might be about ready to use it.  But I decided to make a new one for Eloise.  My aprons are just too large for little girls.
So I took some of my stash fabric and came up with this.
 This is Eloise's pose.

 I was so excited with how her apron came out and also how quick it was,
that I decided to make another apron a size larger to sell.  Daisy is posing in that one.

 Now I need to get the girls out of pose mode and into playing mode.  Here's the back of Eloise's apron.

Now the girl's are having fun.
Daisy makes a sandwich

 and Eloise is ready to serve cake.

Eloise is showing you the pocket in her apron.

Playing outside.


  1. Absolutely adorable!!! (and the aprons are cute too!) ;-)

  2. What sweet little aprons and sweet little models for them :-)

  3. Hello Elaine,

    What gorgeous aprons, and the little girls are beautiful. Tell them I'll have a slice of sponge cake, please.

    Love from England, Muv


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