Friday, September 5, 2014

My New Sock Monkey

I have a memory of a sock monkey when I was growing up.  It was when I was a small girl.  Whether it's a true memory or not, I don't know, but it got me intrigued to make one.  I've seen such cute ones online.  So I tried it.
This monkey doesn't have a name yet.  He doesn't look like Curious George, so that isn't his name. 

He is for the granddaughters to play with.

What would I do different next time?  Look for socks with a contrasting heel.  That would make him more interesting.

Juliet loves to cuddle babies and monkies.

 I would also leave more seam allowance.  I've had to mend him already, because I cut too close to the seam.
You can find a couple of places with instructions online on how to make him.  

 I think I will try another one sometime soon.


  1. Daniel tells our girls a story of a monkey named Morocco. I think thats a good name!

  2. I think that maybe he is a she, after all she's wearing pink socks! Perhaps Georgette?


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