Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Daisy's New Cardigan

Daisy is enjoying the flowers and her new sweater. I did size it wrong at the start (too small) and had enough yarn to where I just started it over.  That does happen.  So I have a sweater mostly done that I can finish for someone else.

 This is a Sirdar pattern that I've used before.  It has a nice eyelet throughout.

 I used a Knitpicks cotton blend yarn that is very soft.

 And it has one nice shell button.  The Ravelry link is here.


  1. Beautiful sweater - but of course everything you make is beautiful :-)

  2. Lucky Daisy, what beautiful cardigan you have made for her!

  3. This sweater is so pretty, Elaine. *Love* the color, and it looks terrific on Daisy.


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