Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Connor's Jacket and Hat

This is not Connor wearing this.  It is Clara.  Connor is a pretty newborn baby and has to grow into it. But I'm sure he will like it then.
Bare legs with a sweater?   I put this on Clara on a nice warm day.  She did not want the hat but it stays pretty securely on.

 This is a Debbie Bliss pattern.  When I started on this knitting spree a few years back, this pattern was the first thing I knitted.  I used the wrong weight yarn, but it worked out OK.   The original ravelry link for the first one.

 I made my own version of a cap using a couple of patterns and seed stitch to match the sweater more. I like these earflaps and may use them more.

 The ravelry link for this sweater is here.  This time I used the proper weight yarn and made sure my gauge was correct.  It worked very well.


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  2. What a pretty baby to be your model. Her smile and bright eyes make that sweater and hat combination the cutest I've seen in ages. Brilliant marketing !~! Seriously, beautiful workmanship, I hope the baby likes it as much as Clara looks good in it. Congratulations on a perfect finish. Your adaptations on the hat work just great,


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