Monday, July 29, 2013

Vacationing in Chelan

Some of us in our family went on vacation to Eastern Washington last week.  Our family is getting old enough where it is hard to get everyone together for a vacation what with honeymoon's etc. We started with 2 children and more joined us as we went.
 We met up with friends as we got into town and they took us on their boat.  What a start of a trip.
This is the sunset over Lake Chelan.

 We met up with other friends at the waterslides.

 Racing down the slides.

Playing in the lake.

 And in the pool

 Sitting around just being with our friends.  This wasn't planned.  They just happened to be staying at the same place we were and overlapped us a couple of days. It was very nice.
Notice how the men and the women are having their separate conversations.

 My married couple having fun racing.

There was also a quilt shop in town.  I couldn't pass that up.

And a yarn shop

 I even worked on a project and didn't do too shabbily with it.  Stems for applique.

 And the flowers and leaves added.  This is part of a quilt I'm making for my newlyweds, Joe and Sarah.
You will be seeing more as it comes along.


  1. Lovely appliqué. Looks like a fun vacation.

  2. That applique looks great. And the vacation too, though I would have enjoyed the quilt shop as much as anything!


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