Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Beginning of Love Entwined

I'm going to have surgery on my foot at the end of this month and won't be doing much walking for 8 weeks after as I won't be able to put any weight on that foot.  So I'm making sit down plans, like applique.
I decided maybe it would be a good time to do the quilt that Esther is offering on her blog.  It's gorgeous and lots of applique. 

This first part I paper pieced instead of applique.  That looked like it could easily be done and was.  Then I appliqued the center circle on top.  Now will come the tiny circles.  Hmmm.....  I'm not sure how I'll do those yet.
 I picked my main colors, turquoise and coral/peach.  I'm using as much from my stash as I can, and of course I bought a few more.

This quilt will be a challenge and I'm not sure if I'll go the whole way, but then you never know.


  1. What a beautiful start. Well wishes for your operation Elaine, looks like you'll need plenty of hand work to keep you occupied for 8 weeks.

  2. All the best for your surgery,that's a lovely combination of colours

  3. Elaine, a lovely beginning! Praying for you. Keep us posted.


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