Saturday, August 18, 2012

Traveling in Germany

I'm with my mother-in-law and my twin daughters on a trip to France with a couple of other visiting stops.
Our first stop is to Ahlbach, Germany to visit a family I lived with 39 years ago. They were very gracious and invited us to spend nights with them. These pictures are of their farm.

I used to love walking the fields here.
The oldest son runs the farm now. The parent live in the neighboring village of Runkel. It has a Burg that we visited. It is a very picturesque town with the Lahn River running through it.

The first day we went to Runkel and visited a burg there. A few of my pictures are of it and the bridge going over the river Neckar.
We also spent a few hours in the town called Limburg. When I lived here, I would come here on my afternoon off most weeks. It has grown into a tourist place, although it was nice then also. We walked through the old town and went to the Dom. That is a cathedral.
As I'm posting this from my phone, I'm not sure if the pics are in the order that I talk of them. Hopefully you can figure them out.


  1. Thank you Elaine! That one of the river is quite calming.

  2. Wonderful pictures! keep them coming. I am really looking forward to seeing your whole trip.

  3. Oo, how exciting. Have a wonderful time.


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