Sunday, August 26, 2012

Burgundy, France Wine Country

We left Switzerland and crossed the border into France.  The place we crossed the border is the area of France that some of my ancestors lived after they left Switzerland because of persecution for their religious beliefs. 
We stayed in a little village called Gevrey-Chambertin.  We chose it because I have a son that buys wine from there.  It is very small and charming. The vineyards come right up to the walls around the town.

 had dinner in the town at Chez Guy.  It was very nice.  The wine steward took time and talked about the wines they had - all local.  He took us in the Cave and of course we bought one.

with Grandma                 

more wine country
The girls taking pictures of the Romani Conti vineyards in the rain.

We visited a church in Tournus.

 And a hospice in Beaune.


Our last stop was a chateau called Cormatin.

the kitchen garden

The girls in a maze.  They videoed themselves walking through it.

  I can not walk far, so I have a walker.  If we stop to walk on a travelling day, the girls have to keep rearranging the trunk as the walker goes under everything.  I'm really glad I have it though.  It's a big help.


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