Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Drive through Alsace and Colmar - All in France

 We picked up our French rental car in Strasbourg and headed for the wine route in Alsace.  It passes through beautiful vineyards with hills in the background and castles sitting atop many of them.  We stopped at one Haute Koenigsburg and let the girls tour that one.  Billie and I had toured this castle more than once, so we just let them do the climb.  
What is most fun for me is driving through all the small villages.  They are very scenic, old and flowery.  In our car, at one point, we discovered we had a GPS.  She is our navvy.  We discovered her when we were lost.  Now if we get lost any more, she just leads us right back on track.  She talks English with a French accent.
The villages are full of flowers, cafes, and people.  Very cute. 
We see many storks sitting on nests on top of buildings.

 We are staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Colmar called Chez Leslie.  It is run by an American woman and she is very hospitable.  It was good to come home after a day of walking and put my feet up in her back yard.


  1. I love that green building with the plants hanging down. Is that Chez Leslie?

  2. It all sounds so wonderful. A GPS with a French accent - what fun!


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