Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stand-up IPhone/Ipod covers

This is something I pinned on pinterest that intriqued me.  I use my Ipad for recipes and tutorials, leaning it against something so I can see it. I was seeing what a handy idea this was also for a phone.

This is a free tutorial from Made by Marzipan.  She also has many other tutorials that look very good.  She writes out the instructions and has a video also.

It's the kind of project to use those small scraps on.  And I have lots of those.  This blue fabric was a dress I made for one of my twin daughters when they were very young.

 On this second case I made some adjustments.  I put elastic on.  It was hard to get the Iphone into all 4 corners in the first one.

 I think I would make the bottom corners still a little more roomier.

 I put buttons and a buttonhole on instead of snaps.  I thought it would look better.  I does take a little maneuvering to get it buttoned.

This is linked to Esther's WOW and Freshly Pieced.


  1. What a great idea. I use my android phone for recipes, to read books, etc. Would be very handy. I think I'll be making a few of these! Where you used the button hole and a button, perhaps it could be further refined by using hat elastic into the seam, rather than a buttonhole, that would enable it to be closed rather more easily?
    thanks for posting about this!

  2. Lovely wee projects, love the bright coloured one it would make me smile each time I saw it. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Glenda


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