Friday, May 4, 2012

A Pair of Aprons

I made an apron for Eloise.  It was way to wide.  I had even cut the pattern down some.  Her cousin, Annie, is trying it on.  It's still a little wide, and of course a little short for her.  See it slipping off her shoulder?

So I made a second one and cut the pattern down some more.  This one fits Eloise.

 It is a free pattern from Smashed Peas and Carrots and even has a tutorial.  It just wasn't meant for children this young.  I used sunflower buttons.  They were leftovers from my kitchen valances.

The fabric was some my girls had in their shop, but didn't think they'd ever use it.  It looks great in this apron.

 I didn't show the inside, but it is reversible, with the red gingham on the inside.

Eloise got a prize for trying the apron on without crying.  She was showing her other cousin, Elizabeth, that it could be done.  Eloise thought the prize was so good, she just took the container and started eating all of it.

Annie and Eloise

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  1. Very sweet aprons! And so handy to have Eloise as an available model :-)

  2. Those aprons are adorable, but the models are just stealing the show, so cute!!

  3. What a great project! They look so pretty on the girls and the girls are adorable.

  4. Those aprons are so adorable! I love that fabric -- do you know what it is?

  5. Oh my gosh. These girls are too adorable! Love the apron....such cute fabric!

  6. The great thin is, she'll grow into it! :)

  7. Cute aprons, beautiful models.


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