Monday, December 19, 2011

Ode to the Thirties Quilt

This is a  quilt I was doing as a BOM with a few women in my quilt guild.  It's been a project of a year and is nice to have finished.  When quilts are finished they look so beautiful and I am enjoying this one.  I think I'll keep it hanging on my staircase railing for a while.

It is Ode to the Thirties, designed by Lori Smith.  I started with 30's reproductions, but as I didn't want to keep buying, I started using fabrics in my stash that seemed to go along.

It took some time to quilt, as I had to come up with something for each square.

The appliqued squares I did different fillers in the background.

 Some pieced squares could have the same effect.  Here is feathers,

 flowers inside each flower,

and  swirls.

 The pieced blocks also had feathers, fancy line dancing,

some twirls,


 and simple line dancing.  There was a lot of that.

 The border was a feather.  This is now ready for my guild's quilt show in February.

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  1. Amazing quilt! I love the different quilting you did also. And I am so glad you picked the soft yellow and aqua for borders. It gives a soft homey touch to finish it off. Great job!

  2. This is really sweet. The fabrics really go together nicely. Thanks for sharing the details of the quilting. It is always nice to have new ideas from other quilters.

  3. It is BEAUTIFUL !!!
    I am sending this to my quilt group girls. I think we would like to do this

  4. Very cool. I will be making a 30's quilt sometime in the next 2 years to go with my other period quilts.

  5. Really beautiful==and all that quilting work added that much more to its loveliness! It looks just right on your banister :)

  6. i love that you have some black in this... great quilt!

  7. This is incredible! Such lovely detail! I love everything you've done here.

  8. It is lovely. I like all the different blocks, like a sampler quilt, but without the sashing. Really great!

  9. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, loving and happy 2012. With lots of new handicrafts inspiration.

  10. It's Fantastic! I love all the different blocks and the colors you used. So nice to see it. I love the oldie look. There is a quilt over in a museum about 40 miles from me that I have never seen the block of before. I need to get back over and take a photo of it when they open again next summer. Thanks for sharing. : )

  11. This quilt is eye candy for the soul, I love it! With the variety of colors, patterns, techniques and quilting it can entrance one for hours and hours. Truly a treasure.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  12. Absolutely gorgeous, the patterns, the colors, the quilting!!

  13. This is incredible! I love 30s repro! What a great design and fantastic quilting


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