Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some Little Things

These are some doilies that I mimicked from some I had pinned on Pinterest.  There were no instructions, but clear pictures and they did look so cute.  I knew they'd be small, but hadn't realized how small.  They range from 3-4 inches.  I'm not sure how they could be used.  I  think some may be too small for coasters.
Actually, I think they did get used at a party as part of the centerpiece decor.  I haven't seen pics though.

And then we have a customer who knows she is having her baby quite early, and the girls are sewing preemie clothes for her.  I made this hat, as I was quite experienced making Eloise lots of preemie hats.

I also was going to make Eloise mittens.  These are the ones that are too small.  They are too large for a preemie though.  Probably newborn.

 After the first failure I did make her some and attached an I cord to them.  After all, she doesn't want to keep them on.

 They are a little big and we may shirr  them to hold them on better.

By the way, my daughters' sewed up the coat for her.  Isn't it cute?

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