Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eloise Gets Her First Apron

And of course, Grandma made it for her.  Since she started walking, it seemed to me she needed an apron.  Looking through my stash I found this fabric and it did say Eloise on it .  I don't know where I bought it or when and had even forgotten that I had it, but it sure was perfect.

The smallest size I could find was a 4, so I had to down size.  I made a mock up to fit on her first, and then did the one she has.

 So now she will learn to cook with her mom and be prepared.

It even has a cute little pocket

 And I put velcro closures in the back of the neck so that it can be adjustable in size.

She even enjoys cooking on the floor.

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  1. Just precious! Perfect fabric for that too! Now you must make one for her to keep at your house. After all, a girl can never have too many aprons!

  2. Clever Grandma. Do we have a future Junior MasterChef in the making?

  3. That is so sweet Elaine! I'm pretty sure Norah's going to need one too when she is big enough to 'help'! ; )

  4. Elaine that is really sweet with Eloise and her first apron!

  5. And now she's really ready to help! That's great, Elaine. Kathi

  6. This is so dear! What a wonderful reason to sew. It reminds me of all those bits and pieces I sewed for my DDs when they were babies.

    What a great apron!

  7. Oh, how sweet! Such a precious DGD and a precious apron. Now I want to make one for my 19 month old DGD: Lily. Thanks for sharing.


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