Saturday, April 2, 2011

Keeping Up on the Knitting

I've done a few sweaters lately, smaller sizes now.  Madelyn made a good model for these.  She's Eloise's friend and is a little bigger than her, so she fits 6 month sweaters better.
The first one is made with leftover stash yarn (acrylic) but I wanted to use it up.  I love the eyelet design and ribbon in this sweater.

This pattern is from the 70's or 80's, a Peter Pan pattern.  I have done several from this book and really like them.  This is one of my favorites. I do take my knitting with me a lot of places and now have lost the book.  So I have to decide whether to spend themoney on another.  They are available on Ebay.  But I have so many good knitting books.  Maybe I should just move one.

 What is she thinking about now?

 It must have been something funny.

This sweater is a Paton's design.

 I used a soft cotton blend on this one.

 As you can see this one is a little large, so it's a large 6 months.

The embroidered flower close-up.

Madelyn's big sister Emma tried on a hat that I knitted.
It was one supposed to fit a baby but it runs quite large.  It is very cute on a 3 year old though.

Here are all the Ravelry links.  white sweater, the purple sweater,  and the hat.

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  1. I used to knit for my kids when they were little. Love the sweaters and the hat and what cute models too.


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