Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Evening of Dessert

My husband and I love to go for dessert in the evening once in a while.  It's a great time to socialize with our family or some friends.
Our favorite place on Maui is the Kea Lani Resort.  We park on a street on the side and walk in the servants entrance.  Even that makes you think you're walking into Pharoah's Palace.

 Look how huge those columns are next to that bench!

We walk to the Cafe Ciao, which is a little deli in the place.

The people that work there are really there to serve you.  They were very nice.

 And just look at those desserts.  They also serve salads and many other nice foods.

 It's like a fancy corner market?

 Here are the ones we ordered.  We take our dessert out and go around the corner outside and sit with a nice view of the pool and the palms.  It was too dark to get good pictures.

One of Maui's beautiful sunsets.
Goodbye Maui

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