Friday, April 22, 2011

Finished Projects from My Trip

I did finish a couple of items on this trip.  I can't just sit and do nothing, even in the hot sun.  On the beach and in my room I worked on these stocking caps.  One was bought by a customer for her preemie baby boy.  I am practicing my own pattern for the caps as the ones I found online weren't  quite what I wanted.
The one that is more green and stubbier is the preemie one.  I thought it was too stubbie.  So I made the other one also making the stocking longer.  I ran out of green so it has more grey.  You can get more details on how I made them on Ravelry.  Smaller one.   Larger one.

 I also made this doily for Naomi.  I used a size 20 crochet cotton which is thinner than the size 10 I normally use.  I like the feel of it and it has some stretch.  I always like pineapple designs.  This is also posted on Ravelry where you can also get the free pattern.

Today is Good Friday.  Christ was put on the Cross on this day.  This is what He did.
"Heaven depends upon Christ taking your sin. Because in the end, either that sin will be on you or on Christ. This is Paul's argument. If Christ is innocent and does not carry our sins, then we carry them and will die in them. The predicate sin, really belongs to the subject, Christ, in such a way that Christ becomes sin for you. Redemption requires the replacement of Christ for your sin."
- by Steven D. Paulson

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