Friday, November 12, 2010

Time for a Change

These are the valances I've had hanging in my kitchen for the last three years. I love grapes and the wine country feel.  But picking things out to make a room look good is very difficult for me.  So I went somewhat muted.
My mother-in-law who takes tour groups to France picks up for me the French fabrics that I use in tablerunners.  I love those fabrics.  One of them that I've had for a while is this.

 I love the colors and design, but didn't know how to use it.  Then one day, I wanted a change in my kitchen and that seemed the perfect fabric to use.  Therefore the new valances.

 I used these sunflower buttons for the tabs.  Sunflowers are French.

 And they go with my colored lights.

My husband really likes them.  I have some children that don't really like them.  What do you think?
One thing about valances they aren't expensive and easy to change out.  I'll keep the old ones for a change.  Maybe I'll make some for the different seasons also, who knows?


  1. I think they are very great. And I agree about changing with the seasons. These will be good for fall and winter when some brightness cheers up the room and then you could switch back for the warmer seasons.

  2. I wouldn't normally be Less than positive, but as you have asked fir comments, I hope you don't mind...
    * Whilst I love the modern fabric, the fact that you seemed tobhave more traditional ones before suggest these might not suit the room ( although the lamps in the last photo suggest they might)
    * the tabs on the top allow the bits between to drop so these look ( on the tiny photos ) as if they hang unevenly, you could use less fabric for the cuntsins and use the extra for cushions?
    * my dad was an architect and tells me that the top 10% of a window let's in 90% of the light, so curtains at the LOWER half of the window are ok ( cafe curtains we call then in UK) but never the top half as they cut too much light.

    I hopevyou don't mind these comments - they are a real case of the kettle commenting on the pot's soot. I don't show photos of my house unless someone needs a good laugh - no carpets fir 7 years as we can't agree, no doors on the kitchen cupboards as we might move them again, and in 24 years we have never finished a room!


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