Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Fashioned Baby Daygown

The newest thing I'm enjoying learning and doing (do I really need another new thing to do?) is making daygowns.  I got intrigued when I saw the  this blog and their website.  I bought a couple of things from them and away I go.   I started with this gown which had its challenges.  Now I've advanced myself whether I'm ready or not. 

  First was the embroidery. I traced a pattern with my water soluble blue marker.

 All finished and washed out . Not bad, eh?

 Next, the smocking.  I wanted to smock this one, but I've never put anything through my pleater with a slant.  I had to take out some pleats on one side to slant it.  This is one thing I'll have to get help from Martha, my local smocker.  I also think I may have figured it out, so I will also give it a try.  But I'm sure glad there's someone in town to help me.
So the smocking isn't as good as I would like it to be. It's not professional, but a good practice piece.

 See the whole daygown. Or I guess you could call it a long dress. It's meant to keep a baby warm down over their feet.  This dress is made from a Kona cotton.  It has a very nice feel to it.  I shirred the sleeves to add the gathering.  (You're not supposed to do that in old-fashioned gowns).  I also French seamed everything.
Someday I'll try entredeux. 

I am excited to keep trying and improving on these.  Does any baby wear daygowns these days?

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  1. Very pretty, and so many old fashioned skills - I was astonished by the phrase " my local smocker". I don't know ANYONE who smocks! I am feeling inspired though: I'm about to start a textured quilt for a blind lady, and smocking would work for one block.



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