Friday, November 19, 2010

More Baby Fashion

Meet Elisabeth. She's Eloise's cousin.

She's a little older than Eloise, therefore larger.  Eloise has to be protected from her.

 Maybe when they're about 2 they will be more equal.   They will learn giving and forgiving through candy and toys, etc. which will help them to become friends. Since Eloise is moving next door to me this weekend, I'm sure Elisabeth will get to know me also.  I'm sure we will see a lot of each other.

 Elisabeth is wearing a sweater I made, sneak peak #1.
This photo and the next shows off the crocheted picot edging on the sleeve and the collar.

 It's a Sirdar pattern and I knitted it with a KnitPicks yarn, comfy sport which is the softest cotton that I know.  I use it most of the time anymore. Check it out here on Ravelry.

 I am so thankful that I have a large extended family and Elisabeth is part of it.


  1. The sweater is adorable - almost as much as Elisabeth!

  2. Elaine, Elizabeth's sweater is beautiful! Especially color and the detailing. That looks like something i would want to wear!


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