Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunbonnet Sue Fashion Parade

Remember when I received these squares?  I did find out that they are from the 1930's.  Quilt historian, Bev Dunivet, looked at close-up e-mails  I sent her of these squares and told me that.  I found out a few days later that she lives only a couple of miles from me.  I have met her since.  I had heard her name, maybe through Simply Quilts, and thought she lived far away - not just right down the street.

But now to get to work. I'm finally sewing these squares together.
My daughters went to Fabric Depot one day and I told them to get 2 fabrics of the 1930 Reproductions that coordinate and I would use them for sashing and borders.  The last few days I was cutting and sewing.

I think the blue sashing looks quite nice against the squares.  It makes things pop a little.  And the orange adds a bright spot.

 They do look like a fashion parade, all done up with their parasols.

Now they've gone into my "to be quilted" pile.  That may be a while.

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  1. What a treasure!!! I can just imagine it quilted!!


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