Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dinner Tonight

I did not sew today, except for a while on my longarm machine.  Today became baking day.  We buy a box of fresh apples at the Farmer's Market every week, so I decided I better get the apple pies in before it's too late. After making the crust, I got my little scene together at the table and peeled and sliced apples for 3 pies (one of them is little).
I also found a recipe for Herb Cheese Rolls  which I thought would go well with my dinner.  The recipe calls for baking them in baking cups, but mine were too big, so I did them like cinnamon rolls.
They have cheeses and basil in them and they were a hit at dinner.
I made a beef stew that I started this morning with leftover roast from last night.  I make my stew the French way, Boeuf Bourguignon,  only I add potatoes to it.  The men like it that way. And the bacon, mushrooms and wine really make it good.

So the soup with the rolls made a great fall meal.  And now pie for dessert.  My girls went to visit our extended family, my son and his wife, to give them the little pie.  They have always brought us desserts, now I get to give them one, and hopefully more.

 Doesn't that look good?


  1. Thank you for the pie! It was very scrumptious! The dinner looks really good, too!

  2. That looks too good!
    So when can we come to dinner?


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