Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Naomi's Doily #4 The Story

When we plan a vacation where we fly, I take small projects along.  We don't fly Southwest Airlines, so we don't get free baggage.  And I don't like paying.  So this was one of my small projects.  I couldn't finish it in Ohio because I lost my little crochet hook on the lawn and could not find it.  I decided to wait til I got home.  I still had a knitting project with me.  Doesn't this look nice?

But oh! the problem.  See those lovely scallops?  I have two rounds of them.  I  realized I made the second round go the wrong direction.  I could live with that.  No one would know the difference.

But look at the top of the picture above.  It's hard to see here, but it is really visible.  I had connected the first scallop on the second round wrong, by attaching both sides to the scallops before.  I should have left one side hanging free for the last scallop.  So when I got to the last one, I didn't know where to go and it got bunchy and looks uneven.  I didn't want to crochet all that again, even though it had only taken me 2 evenings.  So I ripped the last round out and left it a smaller doily.  That'll work won't it?

This will still go nicely in Naomi's doily collection.


  1. I do crochet , This is a very pretty pattern--cottonreel

  2. Your doily is gorgeous! I feel very 'non-gifted' when people like you do beautiful handiwork like this, and then talk about it as if it wasn't lovely! :-) I'm challenged to make a crochet hook do what I want it to...


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