Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The East Coast Week

We had a wonderful week on the East Coast seeing many sites, mostly historical.  To get video and a lot more pics you can check out my girls site.  I'm just posting a few pictures of where we went.
We rented a wonderful house in Maryland for the week that is rather central to it all.  It is on a horse farm and was a relaxing place to spend our mornings and evenings.

We made a trip to Philadelphia to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.  It has a lot of scaffolding right now as they are repairing the clock tower.

This is the room where the Declaration of Independence was ratified and the US Constitution was born.
We also went into the building where the government of our country met while the Capitol Building was being built.

We also had to go to south Philly to Geno's and get a Philly Cheesesteak.  They were so good.

Another day we went to Baltimore and Fort McHenry.  Fort McHenry is where Frances Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner as he saw our flag being shot at.

We also walked at the Piers in Baltomore where they have some historic ships and also this lighthouse that used to be out in the harbor.

Another day was Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home.  He lived up high in the hills of Virginia, a very beautiful place.

If you love to garden, you would have enjoyed his gardens. They were quite large and had lots of wonderful vegetables and herbs.  He also had fruit trees and vineyards and wonderful scenery around it all.  You can see for miles.

We spent several days in Washington DC.  We visited the Capitol.

The Library of Congress was a beautiful building.  The children actually got library cards so they could read the old books.

We visited parts of the Smithsonian Museums and also the Washington Monument

the Lincoln Memorial, also many others.

We also attended the Restoring Honor Rally held there.  Some of my family spent the night.

The rest of us got there at 4:30 a.m.  We did get a good spot only about 75 feet back.  There were a lot of patriotic people there.  We had fun talking with them.  I even did a little knitting (a very little)

This is a photo we found  that is a good one of me and some of my family.  There were also others on the internet but I'd rather show my front than my back.

It was great to be at a gathering like this.  You can find more pictures more places on the web.


  1. Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun! (and it seems like you've been gone a long time, too!) Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. That is a nice house. And I thought you were staying with some friends!


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