Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mom and Baby Bags

I bought Geta's bag patterns and here are my renditions. This top one is out of a canvas fabric. I like it very much.This one is out of quilter's cotton. It isn't quite as sturdy. I would tend to go with the canvas again and not this. I really like the mini version also. Her instructions are very easy to follow. She is quite detailed so as you flip pages you feel like you are moving very fast on them. They were quite fun to make.

P.S. One really neat thing about her bags is that they have 5 pockets - 2 on the front, one zippered in back and 2 inside. I really like pockets.


  1. I really like these. I have seen hers too and may just have to get the pattern!

  2. Elaine, your bags are PERFECT! I love them all!
    The fabrics are wonderful.And the baby bags make me smile !


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