Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Making of a Whole Cloth Quilt

I am starting my second king size whole cloth quilt. It takes talking to the bride and showing her books with lots of quilts. She told me the different things she liked about the quilts she saw, and then I drew this. The border is from an old pattern meant for a block I believe that I got from my Mom's stash.
This is the inside that I got out of a Karen McTavish book - with adjustments

These are some rays I had printed that I will use on this quilt and be able to save and use on any quilt. This printing makes it easy to trace and they are all evenly spaced
Now I am ready to work on the cloth.


  1. I do hope we get updates as you progress---------------cottonreel

  2. WOW. I love wholecloth quilts and yours will be beautiful!

    How long did it take you to draw your pattern?


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