Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Quilts and Etsy

I'm working on 2 baby quilts these days for babies that are going to be showered upon tomorrow. I will go, but their gifts won't be there yet. The first is on my machine right now.This one is ready for the machine. This quilt is very patient though. And the babies won't mind waiting also.

As of this moment my tablecloth is on the front page of Etsy. And you ask how did you find it out? My sister let us know. I think Etsy automatically put it on our facebook page. This tablecloth has made it to several treasuries and even another blog. It is the upper left hand corner picture. You can go to my twins Etsy shop to see it .

Here's another picture of that tablecloth. It has lots of views but no sale yet. But if it sells I'll have fun making a new one - a little different but maybe still red? That seems like a fun summer color.


  1. I love that bright pink and green baby quilt. I like polka dots anyway. Since we are not going to Kosovo this summer, I think I will give away most of my baby quilts to a local crisis pregnancy center. I want to make more though. I will post a couple more quilts soon on my facebook page.

  2. I l0ve your applique flower quilt!!! So pretty! I looked for your tablecloth but no luck~ It may have been sold~ It is l0vely~
    have a great weekend!


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