Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Waiting For Fall

This is the Magic Vine that I have been working on this winter.  I realized I needed a better fall wall hanging and saw a picture of this design in a magazine and copied it.  It's been pretty simple and rather fun.  It is great to have something like this to do when watching Sunday football games or when we go away for a few days.

Now it's time for the real magic to start when I get it quilted.


  1. I love how you've only used two fabrics to accomplish such a wonderful wall hanging. It's beautiful, and your applique edges are so smooth, I'm
    going to find one of my designs that will work with just two fabrics, then all I have to do is work on my applique technique..........well, our name is the same so maybe that will help. Elaine (in England)

  2. That looks gorgeous many congratulations

  3. This is such a striking quilt with the vines and leaves against the autumn-shades background. Beautiful!


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