Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Baby Boy Layette

This was a cute combination that I pinned.  The challenge I came up with was that the instructions were in French.  I used to knit and crochet German patterns.  Of course, I did know some German.
But French?  I had some in high school, and I've travelled in France several times, so the language is not totally unfamiliar.   And when one has the basics of understanding how to knit it makes the language a little easier.

I did print a French-English dictionary of knitting terms.  That really helped also.  The instructions for this outfit was also translated to English by someone, but they didn't make much sense, so they weren't something I could really use.

I did do the cuff of the pants differently than the instructions.  The pattern had you add them afterwards.  I started with knitting them first so they were attached to the body of the romper from the start.  I think this will be a cute outfit for my grandson.


  1. So beautiful. First boy in our family in 25 years, I have been knitting continously for him.

  2. I can usually understand French, but the knitting terminology isn't always directly parallel. Where did you find the French/English knitting dictionary?

    You did a lovely job both in translating and knitting.


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