Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My New LIttle Rug

We redid our family room and went real light.  A light grey rug and also a light grey loveseat.  
The problem showed up that the spot in front of my chair was getting dirty on this lovely wool rug.  I don't wear shoes, but feet can get dirty also in a house. And we also have lots of traffic.
So I decided to crochet a rug that I could throw into the washing machine to put down for my feet.

 Yes, it has holes but my feet don't go through the holes.  It is also really soft.  The granddaughters like to play with it.

 It is a free pattern and with the bulky yarn that I used, it didn't take much time to crochet.  It just takes some finger muscles with the S hook I used and the heavy yarn.

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  1. Lovely idea to crochet a rug. I have lots of yarn and must try it too. Hope you have a lot of time to enjoy your room!!


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