Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A New Knitting Bag

This knitting bag isn't for me, but for someone else who wants to knit.  Or maybe she'll just stick to crocheting and use the bag for that.  It is one of Geta's patterns that I use  quite a bit.  I really like it, the roominess and the pockets.

 Thanks to i-phones, I can go to the store and text back pictures of fabrics to see if Beth liked the fabrics I found for her in the colors she wanted.  That makes it so easy and assures me of getting what she likes.

Here is a shot of the inside of the  bag.  It has 3 outside pocket (a zippered one on the back) and 2 big pockets inside.
I used a metal measuring tape on the top edges  that causes the bag to shut nicely. That way you don't need a snap to close it.

I know I'll be making another one soon for me as my old one is getting worn out


  1. What a nice bag, Looks great for holding knitting needles and such.

  2. My mom would love how deep this one is....she's a wonderful knitter.


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