Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A New Little Baby Blanket

My daughter -in-law sent me a picture of a blanket she saw in a store that she really liked.  So I copied it for her.

 I went to Joann's and found a nice, soft bulky yarn.  Then I looked at the picture ant counted how many stitches were in the cable.  I made a little practice swatch to see how many cables I would need to make a blanket the width I wanted

When I actually did the real thing, the blanket compressed with the cables so it was narrower than I prefer.  But it will work.

This is one blanket that I think I'll make again.  I really like it.

My Ravelry link.  I have put on it basically how I created the blanket.


  1. Well, that's pretty awesome of you! I've never tried recreating a pattern by just looking at it but I guess, why not?!

  2. that's really lovely! a treasured blanket!!! * The flower bouquet in your last picture is so beautiful.

  3. Impressive! It looks amazing!

  4. Are you willing to share your pattern? I love it!


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