Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Even Baby Boys Need Hats

We have a small gift shop that we sell handmade items in.  Looking through it, I noticed a lacking of hats for baby boys.  Baby girls have a nice selection, but boys were missing out.  So I went to work knitting.
 Benjamin became my model for these hats as he is pretty young yet.
This is a cut little aviator hat.  I like the style and will make more of these.

 Moms do like them covering the ears.  I think he's just about outgrown this one.

 I knitted it with a washable wool.  Wool is nice and soft and the washables make it easy for mom not to have to think about separating it from the rest of her baby's clothing.

This is a Drops earflap pattern that I really like.  This hat is wool also with a fingering weight yarn.

 Baby boys do like blue.  The Ravelry link is here.

And this is the same pattern but using a yummy variegated yarn.  It looks like chocolate to me. This one was made a size larger than the last one. You can see it looks a little big on Benjamin.

In these last 2 hats, Benjamin is 2 months younger than in the first one. Can you tell the difference?


  1. What a sweetie! And yes, I can see the difference. They grow up so fast. You said, "we have a gift shop". Is it your family's? or is it in you town as a consignment shop? Just curious. Darling hats - my favorite is the aviator one.

  2. Those are great looking hats. And adorable baby boy! I'm curious, too, about your gift shop.

  3. The boys often get forgotten because girls stuff is just so cute. However in this case you have proven how cute your handmade beanies are and how super cute your baby is!

  4. Hello Elaine,

    Lovely hats for such a sweet little baby boy. He is such a co-operative little model, and the aviator hat really suits him.

    Love, Muv

  5. What an adorable baby!! And cute hats.


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